Hello and welcome to!

The What

This site is a growing, community-driven collection of web services that work 100% without JavaScript. So if you're running older, unspported hardware or prefer to run a browser with JavaScript disabled, the services listed on this site will all work seamlessly! Pretty neat, eh?

(My name is Brad BTW - but the community is more important than the catalyst!)

The Why

The core concept behind this project is not to hate on JavaScript. JavaScript isn't evil or going to cause the internet to explode. This was merely created to help showcase web applications that work without such overheads. Some users just prefer to go JavaScript-free, similar to those who have no issue running it. I think it's fair to respect personal choice.

So, if you feel offended by the concept of others not liking JavaScript, maybe go for a nice walk and think deeply about why something so unimportant would bother you so much. There are much better things to spend your time and energy on. Relax!

Get Involved

I'm far from an expert in the field of "all-things JavaScript-free". Consider helping me out and making this site even better!

That's all I really have to say. If you're interested in any JavaScript-free related news in the future, consider following the main RSS feed. Cheers!